Account FAQs

I want to publish my conference details on your website. How much is it?

The publication on our website is totally free. Just register and publish the conference information you want. We will be notified that a new conference has been created. We the quickly review the content, just to ensure no junk content is created, and publish it shortly after.

I have seen a conference created by your webcrawler, and I want to add more information to the conference page. What do I have to do?

Register and modify the conference. Our website is community-driven: every register user can modify each conference page to add information

I added some information to a conference and according to Confroll I’m now the conference creator. Why?

Each conference created by our web crawler get assigned to the first user that modifies it, as this person is most likely able to provide relevant information on the conference to other users

Are my personal data disclosed on the website?

No, we will never disclose any personal data other than the username you choose when registering

Can I send an email to a conference organizer to receive information regarding a specific conference?

Sure, but you need to use our messaging system. The messaging system ensures that the email addresses of the users stay private and that the messages are not generic enquiries but are instead related to a specific conference: to send a message you need to go to the conference page and select “Send a message to the organizer”. This initiates a thread on your message center with the conference organizer.

I’m a conference creator. I noticed that a user added wrong or inappropriate content to my conference page. Can you revert back the conference page to the previous version?

Confroll has a powerful version management system that serializes each page into the database each time it gets modified. Just drop us a line (with a clear explanation of what’s wrong) and we will revert back the conference page to a previous state. To get in touch with us, please check the “Contact Information” page.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, at any time. Just send us your details and we will delete the account. Use the “Contact Information” page. You will just need to confirm you’re the legitimate owner of the email address linked to the account.