2nd Edition Transport of High Risk Neonates

Copenhagen (Denmark), 1-3 September 2016

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The 2nd Transport meeting in Europe, but the first where the aim is having neonatal transport services represented from all over the world. The Conference aims at bringing together different health care professionals engaged in high-risk neonatal transports: Neonatologists, neonatal trainees, paediatric intensivists and anaesthesiologists, neonatal intensive care nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, perfusionists and researchers, clinicians, medical directors and decision makers interested in the challenges, planning or conduct of acute neonatal retrievals.

The topics will focus on state-of-the art procedures and technical solutions for neonatal transport, but will also take into account practical problem solving under unforeseen and austere conditions. The ultimate goal of the conference is to challenge and find solutions to the unmet needs in high-risk transports of sick neonates and to promote cooperation and research activities on a multinational scale.

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Copenhagen (Denmark)

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