THE MILLENNIALS - How to Understand, Manage, and Gain Rapport with Generation Y

Fremont (United States), 8 March 2017

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Overview: If you were born between 1980 to 2000 (give or take), you already owe over ½ Trillion Dollars in student loan debt. It will stay with you until it is paid-not even bankruptcy can get you out of it. I guess this isn't the best way to start out a career. Speaking of career paths, it sure doesn't look as rosy as it did for the "Boomers" and Generation X. The Global Economy has made the "cradle-to-grave" concept extremely fluid. Trust is not the word of this century, when more than half of you (Millennials) have your savings in CASH. 83% of you think "there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few big companies. Only 19% of you believe "most people can be trusted". In a century where "velocity" is a way of life, where things are done in a "Nano", and people challenge values that have stood for centuries-we need to stop and reconcile the past and present, in our everyday professional and personal lives. In time when our future leaders and workers crave innovation, nurturing, and a chance to make a difference, we in the current leadership must understand, manage differently, and build a strong rapport if our tomorrows are going to be better than today. Why should you attend: Discuss the current perception of employees born between 1980-2000 (Millennials) Identify the events that helped shape the current perception of Millennials Discuss the values that Millennials hold as paramount Discuss the differences between Millennials and previous generations Identify management techniques that will secure better results from Millennials Demonstrate the steps that will build a rapport with Millennials Areas Covered in the Session: How Millennials got to where they are today Know what Millennials trust, and don't trust Learn what Millennials value most Learn why a Millennial is in conflict with religion Know how to get a Millennial's attention Learn the proxemics that makes a productive workplace Learn what will secure rapport with a Millennial Who Will Benefit: Management personnel from the CEO to the Supervisor If you are responsible for personnel under the age of 35 If you are responsible for gaining rapport with prospects under 35 If you are responsible for gaining rapport with current customers under the age of 35 If you are responsible for interviewing people under the age of 35 If you aspire to a Higher Management Position Instructor: Jim Zalud has conducted seminars for business and law enforcement personnel for the past 30 years. Some of his topics include verbal, non-verbal, and body language interpretation skills. Jim has worked with everyone from the board room to the show room. He is also the body language expert for the CBS affiliate WIFR TV-23 in Rockford, IL.

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